New App

I just downloaded a new app on my android phone, it keeps track of how many days I have been sober.  It also has quotes, I think they are sent in by app users.  The one that came up today really hit home:

drunkI wonder exactly how much time I have spent just lying down, biologically purging the poison from my body, and actively thinking about how shitty my life was? Fuck. Literally just lying down was my second biggest hobby (next to drinking). After five  months, I can barely even believe that it was such a big part of my life.  Literally lying down.  What a fucking waste!


9 thoughts on “New App

  1. Ha ha ha… yeah. That makes me think. I bet I have saved at least several hours worth of time in the last couple of months that would otherwise have been spent throwing up or dry heaving. Just that one aspect of being a drunk would have used up at least several hours combined. And that’s not counting anything else, like the hot and cold sweats, the passing out early, or simply the hours of ineffective inebriation. Thanks for posting. It helps me to read your words.

  2. How about thinking how much fun it is to ingest poison so you can biologically purge the poison while lying down!!!

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