100 Days!



33 thoughts on “100 Days!

  1. Congratulations! Are you gonna go to Disneyland? 😉 I am almost halfway there. I am coming up with pampering ideas every 10 days until 100. Facial and hot stone massage for 60 days.

  2. hurrah! was thinking just this morning that you must be hitting the big one hundred soon… many congratulations and wishing you many more! crikey o’riley a thousand dollars – how much money is that?!

  3. Fan-freaking-tastic!!!!! I can’t wait to get there. I’m 11 days now and still so new, but you’ve given me even more inspiration! Thank you and keep on doing what you’re doing because it’s working! Best to you!

  4. I’m getting itchy for a milestone. Sixty days without a drink seems forever ago. Ninety days seems still a long ways away. But there is something incomparably cool about seeing days pile up for my sober blog friends in this medium. Each post is a notch on the wall, and as I spend more time here in virtual sobertown, I just value the medium more and more. I’ve never had any internet experience anything like this. Probably because nothing I’ve ever done on the internet was real and significant and honest, the way that sobriety is. Your 100 days means a lot to me, because I’ve read your stories, and can refer back to earlier posts. You’re more real to me, in a lot of ways, than live people in meetings.

    • Thanks Eric. Your experiences are very real to me. I can relate to the mental anguish resetting you day count caused. It may have just done me in.
      I love your sponsor.
      We just need to keep on keeping on.

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