Sober Outings

Stomp_00We have gone to a few events since I have quit drinking.  My husband is enjoying it as he always had to be the designated driver.  I drank two drinks to every one he had, and since I did that, he usually only had one.

I will review the last few things we have done, the sober version, and how it would have played out had I still been drinking.


We were invited to another couples new home, then to dinner, and to the show STOMP.

We arrived at the couples new home, both men had drinks, he offered me a white wine, (nice of him to remember) which I declined.  We had a tour of their new home, and left for dinner.  I drove.

Dinner was at a nice restaurant about 45 minutes away.  My husband, and the other gentleman each had a drink, the woman had two glasses of wine.

We proceeded across the street to see the show STOMP.  (It was awful.  2 hours of noise.  I can bang on trash cans in my garage for free.)  No one got anything at the bar.

If I had been drinking:

I would have had one, maybe two glasses of wine at the couples house.  While everyone was downstairs looking around, I would have been sneaking back upstairs to add more wine to my glass.

My husband would NOT have had a drink, as he would have had to drive.

I would have had two glasses of wine at dinner, easily.

When we got to the venue, I would have immediately stopped at the bar, and ordered a double to take to my seat.  I would have then made multiple excuses to “go to the bathroom” to hit the bar before it closed.

My husband would have had to drive home, as I would have drank the evening away.

I would have had another glass or two when we got home.  The nice buzz would have faded on the long ride home that was alcohol free.

I still would have hated STOMP, drinking or sober, but I may have blurted it out to the other couple who provided the tickets.

NASCAR Food City 500:  Woman-Watched-NASCAR-With-Deceased-Man-For-Over-A-Year

This was an interesting one.  We have lived in the south for almost 7 years, with a race track just two hours away.  So, we decided to get tickets and give it a go.  We know nothing about racing, and went about the whole thing in a haphazard sort of way.  The big race was on Sunday, but rain was predicted.  We decided to go to the smaller, 300 lap race on Saturday.  So we ended up needing a hotel room for two nights.

We got up Saturday morning, and were less than enthusiastic about going.  It was supposed to rain and get cold.  The tickets were non refundable, as were the hotel rooms.  We packed and left.

We got to the raceway, purchased our tickets, I got a bottle of water and we went in to watch the little cars go around and around.

All around us, people had coolers, beers, and drinks.  They were selling beer and Jack Daniels at the concessions.  People everywhere, in the parking lots, at the vendors, walking around the raceway were all drinking.  (Apparently no open container laws as I am used to)

We watched the race and left.  We went to our hotel where my husband, who had packed his flask, had a drink.  We went to dinner, and the restaurant we chose did not serve alcohol.

The next day, it rained, as predicted.  We waited, went to lunch, and when the rain broke, went to the track.  They raced for 125 laps before the rain came.  We sat for about 50 minutes,  it got cold and windy so we left.

We went to the hotel, my husband had his drink, and we went out to dinner.  We both had water.

If I had been drinking:

Saturday morning packing would have taken much longer, as I would have had to pack the cooler.  First I would have had to calculate how many nights we would be away, and how much wine to take.  Then I would have to pack the seltzer water, and the lemons.  I would have had to mix a drink in a carry in jug, so that I could join in the Saturday afternoon drinking.

We would have gone to the Saturday race where I would have been drinking my wine for the few hours we were there.

We would have checked into the hotel, and I would have had a couple of more drinks, and a couple of Alleve to keep from getting too trashed.  I would have then picked a restaurant to go to based on whether or not they had a bar.  I would have had a couple of more drinks with dinner.  When we returned to the room, I would have drank until I went to sleep.  (passed out)

Sunday would have been a repeat.  Take drinks to the race, drink, go to hotel, drink, go to dinner, drink, go back to hotel, drink, pass out.  (Fun date huh?)

By Monday I would have easily polished off two of the 1.5 liter bottles of white wine.  No wine would be making the trip home.

On the way home, my thoughts would circle around about how many bottles I had left on the wine rack, and if there were enough for me to get through the evening.  Always thinking about drinking, or planning the drinking.

Harlem Globetrotters: hARLEM

We went to the book store, and got my sober reading manuals.

We went to dinner, I had water, the hubs had one drink.

We went to the Harlem Globetrotters.  (It was bad, no Meadowlark Lemon, and they barely play basketball.)

If I were drinking:

Never would have happened, you can’t drink at kid centered events, they don’t serve alcohol.

None of these events were spectacular, but they were much more tolerable without having to constantly be on edge about where my next drinking was coming from.  It was far more relaxing to sit back, sip on my water, and not worry about keeping the buzz going.

I have become a VERY cheap date.

No wonder I feel like going shopping.


6 thoughts on “Sober Outings

  1. I went to a show last night. It was nice being the sober girl amongst two tipsy chicks. I thought “wow did I used to look that silly when drunk?” And I saved money even thought $7 for a souvenir cup with soda wasn’t cheap. Still cheaper than if I got rum in it.

    • Same with the NASCAR, 4.00 for a bottle of water, when in actuality I could have brought in my own. The only thing they don’t allow are kegs. You should have seen the mess of empty beer cans everywhere. They even had a Jack Daniels booth. When I saw the moonshine in their pretty mason jars with a lid, I did have a few pangs, but alas, none for me. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing, I love your posts. I too have turned into the designated driver and find myself enjoying that I don’t spend the evening trying to figure out how to get my next drink even if I didn’t enjoy the evening.

  3. Well done! Sounds like you’ve been busy 🙂 I can relate to a lot of what you write. If I go to a gig or a show, I’m always wondering, can we take a drink in with us? Shall I order a drink for the interval so I don’t have to queue up? Then maybe take another after the interval in with me? By the time you add in the bar bill and taxis you can usually double the ticket price! So much easier on a night out when you can just drive back without worrying about it. Having said that, I’ve a “big night” tonight (black tie work event from hubbie’s work) and am not feeling over confident. But I am driving. And that will make it all easier. I can just run away early if it’s too awful! xxx

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