We are celebrating our 8th anniversary today.  About 3 months ago we decided to take a trip to Austin Texas for a present. We arrived today.

This trip did not get off to a good start. We had a blow out fight yesterday afternoon, and were barely speaking when we left the house, got on the airplane, landed and arrived at the hotel. Sounds fun, huh?

The fight was stupid, as most fights between spouses are. Usually what we are fighting about isn’t even the real issue. It generally takes a good ten minutes of yelling to get to the meat of the problem.

I am disappointed with myself about this one.  I had just had a serious breakthrough in my thinking about how to deal with my husband and his ever changing moods.

I had realized that I am powerless over his moods.  I had decided to take time to respond to any loaded statements, think about my resaction and not engage.  I had also decided that he wasn’t going to steal my peacefulness from me anymore. A step 1A.  Admitting powerlessness over other things besides alcohol.  My first attempt at this change in our interactions went as well as my first attempt at sobriety, it was an epic fail.

As with sobriety, I am back on day 1, but I am determined.  I will make the necessary changes, and hold onto my peacefulness because I need it, it helps me stay sober.

We did not discuss the fight, but we did go out to a lovely dinner.

Day 1 was a bit easy, because we weren’t really speaking, so there was no arguing. Wish me luck on day 2 tomorrow.

I need to stop, think, breathe and hold onto my peacefulness. I need to not let his moods take that from me.

I think I can do this.

P.S. I did really want a celebratory drink with dinnet, not really celebratory, I just really wanted a drink.  I had water. Day 116 tomorrow.


19 thoughts on “Anniversary

      • Live music is all over but 6th Street has the best variety, that is coincidentally where the bar strip is but there are great restaurants and awesome local entertainment. During the day, there is lots to do around the capital downtown, such as shops. It is quite the eclectic town, locals are a big help.

      • Check out the food trucks on 1st Street in South Austin. SoCo is my favorite part of Austin but I have quite a few drunk mistakes from that area. A few cities would be very challenging for me to return and not drink and Austin is one of them. But it reminds me why I went sober because my DUI prevented me from moving there. The Bullock Texas State Museum is cool if you are into museums and history, but that might not be great for a anniversary? If you have time, drive down to San Antonio to see the Alamo and check out the Riverwalk.
        Hope things improve and Happy Anniversary!

      • We saw a few food trucks and talked about trying the Kenobi guy. We already went to that museum. We are museum people!
        I can see why it would be easy to get very drunk here. We went to San Antonio a few years ago, loved that also. Thanks for the tips.

      • I am definitely not trying to temp you into drinking by suggesting the bar scene. I’m a music guy, so I tend to suggest music venues. The city has it all from the arts to architecture and everything in between. You and your husband should have no problems finding things to do.

      • I have been around long enough to know that to see music you have to go where it is, either a bar or a club. I have a few tools my Home Depot ladies gave me that may work. If not we leave and try again in another few months.
        You were not tempting me, the blueprint for this trip is in my laptop. It is highly protected, or being read by the NSA right now 🙂

  1. I am a little confused day one or day 116?? Any who try to enjoy your trip and try to think back to the book store and how broken hearted your hubby was for you. I thought that was very touching and don’t dwell on his ASSHOLEISM. My husband suffers from it too. Love you!

  2. Ah marriage. I’ve had only one or two fights with my wife that last month or so. That’s enormous progress for us! Of course, it helps to be thousands of miles apart 😉 Seriously though, we all have to let the old bad habits play out, is my thinking. When my wife and I fight, I think we’re actually just going through the motions of old habits, not actually fighting. Growth is good, but sometimes messy I guess. Have fun in Texas. I hear there’s a lot of Texans down there.

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