He still isn’t getting it

smh_shaking_my_head_mousepad-p144086746662891245envq7_400-1I had another SMFH (shaking my fucking head) conversation with my husband this morning.

I went to the local all women’s AA meeting Thursday evening. It was not well attended, three women and me.  It was good on an informational level though.

One of the ladies gave me a printed list of all the area AA meetings and made a suggestion about one to attend that could be a better fit.  She said it is well attended and has more people in my age range.

She has 26 years of sobriety and still attends three or more meetings each week, and has had good experiences at the suggested meeting.

I was discussing the new possibility with my husband this morning and gave him a few details about the woman’s background.

My husband, the DOCTOR, looked at me and said,”Wow, after all these years she still goes to so many meetings?  IS IT REALLY THAT HARD?”

Before I found a blunt object to beat him with, I began to cry, and said, YES, it really IS that hard.

Where is the disconnect?



7 thoughts on “He still isn’t getting it

  1. I absolutely love that you have a “husbands not getting it” blog tag. That really had me laughing out loud. Thank you for this post. Yes. It really is THAT HARD.

  2. I am visiting a friend I have known 14 years. I never knew til I told her I quit drinking that her mom and step dad have been doing AA 30 years. She said they go 3 times a week and sponsor almost the whole town. It is a complete change in lifestyle. Hit him over the head with the big book. 😉

  3. Ugh. My axe didn’t get it either. And its hard to explain isn’t it. People do think that we just stop and it a just sooo easy, like pitting on a hat- ok couldn’t find a better anology, lol. I usually say that it’s like being on a diet and sitting in a cupcake shop! But I don’t know if that works for man. But hang in there, don’t let his ignorance get to you. He really just doesn’t get it!

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