Drop the Rock

Maggie sent me some audio files from Sandy Beach to listen to while trying to work through the Third step of AA.   I am enjoying them, so I Googled him, and found this on You Tube.

It isn’t a great help for Step 3, but it is a fantastic way to look at my past, and embrace the future.

I am so glad I dropped the rock!



9 thoughts on “Drop the Rock

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  2. Sandy Beach is a class all unto himself in terms of AA speakers and circuit speakers. He takes things into whole new areas and he is one of the best storytellers. He exudes love and charm (not the cheesy type). That speech was a great one – very funny. Listening to him now, he’s a totally different person. He’s grown, matured, etc. like all of us. There is a talk he does (recent) in which he discussed his daughter’s murder and his forgiveness of the murderer. it’s spellbinding. I will find the link.

    Great stuff!


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