Third Step: Willing to be Willing



I woke up this morning, and realized that I no longer am feeling the overwhelming stress and doom of living in the same home as my son and husband.  That pit in my stomach is gone.

I have been working the third step with my amazing sponsor.  Although I have not narrowed down exactly what my higher power is, something is working.

I am working hard at letting go.

I am working on not trying to control everything.  (The fridge is a mess, I let it go.  Next up? I haven’t figured that out yet.)

I am trying to be more willing, and less willful.

Thanks again to my wonderful sponsor’s suggestion, I now have a God box.  It has quite a few bits of paper in it, and I just started on Monday.  It actually works!


god box



“A beginning, even the smallest is all that is needed”



8 thoughts on “Third Step: Willing to be Willing

    • It is a place to put all your worries, and your HP will take them from you. In essence it is a way to let go of problems. I just found a box that looks like a treasure chest, and when I find my thoughts being consumed by something that I can not possibly solve, I put it on a piece of paper, and put it in there. It puts my mind at rest. It seems to work.
      I never thought it would really work, but it has so far 🙂

      “When your head starts to worry,
      and your mind can’t rest,
      Put your thoughts down on paper,
      And let God do the rest…”

  1. I find it really powerful how the things that seem insurmountable shift and become OK to cope with, even though the only thing that’s changed is that we are accepting them. It’s inspiring to see you trying new things and having them work out so well. Thanks for this! xo

  2. Could this step not be the most liberating and freeing?? I have to do this daily, sometimes more than once. hell, I might do it over and over on the bad days. There is a great relief in knowing that I am not in charge. Sure, there are things I have to do, actions I have to take, chores to take care of, work things, private stuff, etc. But the big picture stuff – not mine to worry about. I don’t have to try and control everyone and every situation. I need not try to direct the show and have it go my way every single time. I just let things go. Yay…I don’t have that pressure any more. I am not in charge anymore. What a relief…and yes, there is fear in there, and ego HATES that I am not in CONTROL. Tough titty said the kittie when the milk ran dry…lol.

    Great post…I can feel the energy coming off of this 🙂


    • I was sooooo skeptical when I started this step. I did not think I could possibly find a higher power. I still couldn’t say what he, she, it is, but something is working.
      I wish I had known about this magical box long ago, it would have been a life changer. Oh yeah, it is 🙂
      Moving forward feels good, letting go feels better. ( just don’t try to take my pillows)
      Thanks for your always supportive words Paul.

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