Sober Speakers

I recently met a wonderful blogger who agreed to be my sponsor.  In our initial interaction she sent me a few talks by an AA speaker named Sandy Beach.  They were speeches he had given at an AA sponsored event.  I loved them.  He has a great voice, and a fabulous sense of humor.  I loved everything about what he had to say, and how he said it.

I spent some time on Google looking for more about him, and found the website, he has a bunch of AA talks listed, and they are all free to download.  Which I did.  I found sitting at my computer for hours listening to a speaker didn’t sit well with my activity level, so I loaded them onto my Ipod.   I then started listening to them while I ran.

I enjoy humorous AA speakers and have come across quite a few.  You Tube has a fantastic page called Odomtology 12-Step Recovery.   You can find a lot of speakers, who touch on a variety of subjects.  I enjoy people who add some humor to their talks.  I have listened to Craig F, Laughing is the Sound Effect of Recovery, Paul McQ, A New Direction, A New Life, and my all time favorite so far, Scott R,  We are Not a Glum Lot.

I finagle these videos into an MP3 format and listen to them when running.   It has been beneficial for me to hear their words as I run,  it has also been fantastic for my distance and PR’s.

The only drawback is that these speakers all say something inspirational that really reaches me.  I want to remember it and write it down in my sober notebook.  I do not run with my sober notebook.  Dilemma.

My first thought was, fine, I will stop and email it to myself.  When I get home, I look at the email, and is looks something like this:

unigy if wr  (Paul McQ saying that AA is the unity of we.)

Huh?  How did that inspire me?  What does that mean?

So, that didn’t work.  My next thought was to look at the time into the audio that the inspirational comment was made, and memorize it.

Okay, 51:26, 51:26, 51:26.  Got it, no problem, I will remember that when I get home.

Now, what was he just saying?  Why is everyone in the audience laughing, what did I miss, can I rewind?  Oh crap what was that time again?

Obviously, I am not able to multitask this situation.  What I do now is enjoy the audio, enjoy the run, and listen again when I get home, pen and sober notebook at the ready.

My point to all of this is that no matter where you are in your sobriety, if you are feeling good or bad or have a huge case of the fuck it’s, there is help out there.  All you need to do is listen, and get through one more day sober.





11 thoughts on “Sober Speakers

  1. I never remember half the amazing stuff the guys and gals say. Usually the thing that sticks with me is what I most likely need to hear 🙂

    Glad you’re enjoying the tapes.

    Mark H is also a great one to check out 🙂

  2. Awesome resource! Thank you. 🙂
    I hear you about the note-taking dilemma. I get my best ideas when I’m driving or in the shower and usually forget them soon after. I read somewhere once that a thought lingers for only six seconds in our brains. A bit unfortunate that.
    I did see an ad somewhere online for a waterproof notepad for stopping “all those good ideas from going down the drain.” I made a mental note to buy one but, well you know. 🙂

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