6 Months Sober Today

180 days today,  I NEVER thought I would get here.  Thank you to everyone out there who helped me get here.  Every comment, every post, and every email got me through one more minute, one more hour, and one more day.


It’s the simple things in life
Like the kids at home and a lovin’ wife
That you miss the most, when you lose control
And everything you love starts to disappear
The devil takes your hand and says no fear
Have another shot, just one more beer
Yeah I’ve been there
That’s why I’m here


2014-05-26 20.03.50


37 thoughts on “6 Months Sober Today

    • Some days are easier, some aren’t. I have learned that I really am an alcoholic, even though I hate that word. I love the fellowship of AA because I feel normal when I am in that room. The people there inspire me every week. I have learned to not look at alcohol as something I am giving up, but something I am letting go. I have learned that the God box really does alleviate my worries, no matter how silly that seems. I have learned that I wasted a shit load of time pouring poison down my throat to bury all of these things that I am now facing. I love sober sleep, and wouldn’t give it up for anything. I like being present, being able to respond to problems with an even head, not by being ridiculous and unreasonable. I still am uncomfortable in bars, and drinking centered situations, so I am avoiding them if at all possible. I am getting more comfortable, but still have a way to go. I still have random triggers, which always cause me to do a forehead slap, because they come from nowhere.
      Sober firsts are worse in my head than in reality, but that doesn’t stop me from obsessing anyway.
      I have learned I still have so much to learn, but I am really looking forward to it.
      Did I answer your question? 🙂
      When is your 180 day mark?

      • Nice! I was just curious because I feel like there are milestones with every marker and since you’re the only one I know who is exactly where I am chronologically…well, I wanted to see how your experience is. This is probably cheating but I count my start date 11/29 even though I drank New Year’s Eve. I do that because it was the last time I drank abusively, so somehow I don’t count NYE. Good for you getting this far:)

      • Pretty good. Like you said I am adopting the letting go vs. giving up mindset and that truly makes it easier. Still, I’ll long for the glass of pink grigio I see an actress enjoying in a movie and even tho I’m no longer 21, find myself even triggered when I hear “let loose” songs on the radio like kesha’s “timber.” It’s subconscious but being mindful every day is what makes the difference. Been to enough events in six months to feel confident I can handle social situations, but always have to remember I have a problem with alcohol that won’t disappear even after 50+ years of sobriety. Thank you for asking:)

  1. Congratulations! I am trying to think where I will be living at 6 months sober to plan out a treat. And thanks for that song. Will add it to my sober playlist.

    (Sorry I have been slow with reading and commenting butI always read your blog.)

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