It’s What We Do

My husband flew from Tennessee to New York a couple of weeks ago.  Because I was driving up later, he needed a ride from the airport to his father’s house.  The man who usually picks him up was ill, so he sent a back up guy in his place.  His name is Ron, and he is an alcoholic.

I have just finished working the Third Step, and have had to place my life and belief in a Higher Power.  This was hard for me, as I am pretty much agnostic.  More big bang theory than big guy with a white beard believer.  I had a lengthy conversation with my sponsor about this when we got to the Third Step.  I did it, and have turned to the Universe as the power greater than myself, albeit with a smidgen of skepticism still involved.

Not anymore.

I have written about my struggles on this road trip.  My triggers, my mother, the Wolffer rose, the vineyards, and the drinking in the Hamptons.  It has not been easy.

Then along came Ron.  He shared his story with my husband during the drive from the airport.  My husband shared a little of my story with Ron.  Ron gave his telephone number to my husband, and told him to have me call if I needed to know about any meetings in the area or needed anything at all.

I began the week  feeling unsettled.  I am not in my own home, I don’t know when I am going home, and my routine is not in place.  All of the things that make me feel comfortable and able to maintain sobriety are askew.

I told Alan to call Ron and get a list of which meetings were the best as I really needed to get to one.  (My fantastic sponsor also told me to get to one, I can’t take all the credit for this idea.)  Alan called Ron and left a message.

Ron came to the door Tuesday evening with a booklet of meetings.  He stood on the porch with me and told me which ones were good, he offered to drive me to one Wednesday afternoon.  I was overwhelmed.  Alan came out onto the porch to thank Ron for coming and for the information.

Ron looked at Alan and said, “No problem, IT’S WHAT WE DO”

I thought I was going to cry. A complete stranger, someone who had never met me, went out of his way to help me.  It is a rare find in this world.  It is what is wonderful about the world of AA.

It is what they do.

Ron picked me up yesterday, and I went to a meeting with him.  Ron is picking me up tomorrow, and I am going to go to another meeting with him in the morning.  He offered to take me on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week also.

I am feeling more grounded today.  I love going to meetings and listening to the sharing.  I love the camaraderie of total strangers, all of us in the same room with the same purpose, staying sober.

I walked out with a telephone number from a woman who sought me out.  She said, call me if you want to drink, if you don’t want to drink, if you want to talk, if you don’t want to talk,  just call.  This is what I spent so much time looking for in Tennessee.

It was fantastic.  AA is amazing, the people are incredible.

I drove off with Ron.

I thanked him, and gave a huge nod to my higher power for knowing what I needed.

It is what they do.



9 thoughts on “It’s What We Do

  1. What an amazing experience! The kindness and generosity of people is amazing when we truly need it the most. I am so pleased this happened for you!

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