A whiny post about the bed…..

2014-06-22 20.15.45


I am feeling really blah.  It started last night, or possibly the night before.  Not sure.

I am still at my father in laws, which may have something to do with it.  I really shouldn’t complain, yet I will, so here goes.

Things that are making me go blah:

  • Being away from home.  I know I am in the Hamptons, on the water, with seagulls and sun and waves.  But, I am not in my own home, or my own BED, or my own routine.
  • I am facing moving in here for the rest of the summer, after a quick pop home to replenish the supplies of all of the “things” I need in my life. (Too bad my BED won’t fit in the car.)
  • The BED here is almost as old as the house, which was built in 1955.  I am a runner, I run every day. I feel like absolute shit.  I feel like the BED takes a bat out and beats the shit out of me while I sleep.  Today is the worst day yet.  I don’t think I can get out of my pajamas I am so crinked from the g.d. BED.
  • I had my first drinking dream right before I woke up this morning.  The god damn Wolffer rose was in my glass.  200+ days, and this has not happened to me.  That rose is haunting me. 😦  I swear it is because of the BED.
  • I am working the fourth step and it is releasing A LOT of repressed memories, nothing good that is for sure.  Of course they come just as I am about to drop off to sleep.  (Yes, I do fall asleep before the BED beats me up.)

We are leaving on Sunday, but we are returning in 3 weeks.  I am doing voracious research on new beds.  There is no way I can feel this way for the rest of the summer.

On the gratitude’s side.

  • The AA meetings here are far better than where I live.  They are large, and the people are so nice.  I have had offers of sponsors already.  NO ONE in Tennessee ever did that…
  • The sunsets from the deck are just amazing, as are the evening stars.  It is a great show every night.
  • I am buying a new BED before I return.

2014-06-20 20.27.09




10 thoughts on “A whiny post about the bed…..

  1. Bad beds are truly truly grim. The last time we stayed with my in laws we ended up spending half a day travelling to buy a memory foam mattress topper – made the bed from hell bearable… Glad meetings and sunsets are positives!

  2. Ha! I kept thinking ‘buy a new bed’!!!! And you are!! So, that problem will be solved. I hate the feeling of crankiness from bad night’s sleeps, though. It is almost over! You can get through it- maybe take a break from doing too much while you are sleep deprived? and don;t forget some nice treats! Happy to hear your meetings are going well!!xo

    • Thanks Jeni. I am off to a meeting shortly. I hope that will make me feel better.
      We are still in a state of flux about what to do. So a new bed may be in the future for us here.

  3. Love the sunsets 🙂 Hope you get the bed situation sorted! So hard to feel positive about anything at all when sleep deprived… feels horribly like a hangover sometimes 😦 Hugs. xxx

    • The sunsets are great. I just got the husband approval for the new bed for our return trip. Yeah!! 🙂 Jumping up and down. You are right, not sleeping feels like a hang over 😦

  4. Rest is important, physically and mentally. You’re no good to anyone (incl. yourself) if you’re not sleeping well. your running will suffer, your emotions will suffer.

    Get the new dang bed, will ya? LOL

    Glad the meetings were good. Nothing recharges more than checking out new meetings (and a nice bed)


    • The meeting was great. I always get something out of a meeting.
      I will get the dang bed, trust me 🙂
      I will not return here for 8 weeks and feel this way, no way!
      Thanks Paul

  5. The Hamptons do it to me too. All the beauty and leisure, I’m like, where’s my big honking glass of wine? Alas! I must start seeing summer as roses and farm stands and walks on the beach and not blurry drunkenness. Good luck to you!

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