AA still blows me away

I went to my home group AA meeting last night. It was the first time I have been there since I left on my road trip in June.  I told a couple of people I was going away, but I am not sure of the proper protocol, so I did not make an announcement.  I guess it got around about when I should be back.

They actually missed me!!

They were keeping track and knew I would/should be back the first Monday in July and they were happy to see me!!  There were warm homemade cookies!  (Not specifically for me, but coincidence?? I think not!)

I have never experienced the kind of acceptance and warmth that is found in the rooms of AA.  Complete strangers with whom I have shared sordid stories, embarrassing drunken moments and my mortification of being an alcoholic and stepping through the door for the first time.  They welcomed me back like a friend who has been away for too long.  Three or four people sought me out after the meeting to see how I was doing, and stayed late to talk to me.

To say it warmed the cockles of my heart is an understatement.  These people have only known me for 4 months and they honestly care about my well being.

At times it is incomprehensible.

I am so lucky to have found this program and the people who attend  the meetings, are beyond compare. No where else in my experience have I been treated so well by so many in such a short amount of time.

I am truly grateful to all whom have touched my heart.

Among those are my fabulous sponsor who spends many days talking me out of a tree. Today was another one of those days. She asked that I end my day with a list of gratitude’s, so here it goes:

I am grateful for the delicious coffee that started my day, having a new friend to run with, the amazing thunderstorms that rolled through this afternoon, and 220 days of sobriety. Hard fought for some days, but today is a day that ends in a zero, 220, so it is super special. Too bad I ate all the chocolate cream pie while I was up in the tree!

2014-06-28 20.40.38

Sunset Southampton NY

Good night all, have deep and wonderful sober sleep.  I am always grateful to wake up and feel great, I hope you all feel that way too! Stay excellent!



8 thoughts on “AA still blows me away

  1. Wonderful how it is, isn’t it? We don’t have to live the life we used to life. Being surrounded by others who have been there, who have gone down that path, who are open to us and don’t express judgement…that’s a groovy thing. AA has it’s share of sick folks (d’uh) but it’s amazing how we are all together talking about the joys of life and God and all of that. Considering that most of us should be dead by now, I count that as a miracle!


    P.S pass the cookies

  2. 220 days is fantastic! Congratulations and thanks for the insight into AA. Still haven’t tried it, but the idea is far less scary than it used to be.

  3. Hey! I live in Southampton! So many of the bloggers I follow are from New Zealand, Australia, Europe, it’s nice to read a blogger from the US, and one that has visited my neck of the woods. I am learning a lot from your blog. Thanks!

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