Fantastic AA Speaker

I have begun my journey back  north.  I am currently in Virginia at my mother’s, I will be here until Sunday.  She is a heavy drinker, and a serious trigger for me.

Day 1 is done.  (well really only about 5 hours, then I went to bed, so I guess that doesn’t count.)

My sponsor told me to keep my side of the street clean. That is my goal while I am here.  Off to have coffee and practice being a better person.  I am trying to remove those buttons she so readily pushes.

I listened to this AA speaker on my way here, he is fantastic.  Get a pen and paper, he is the King on the acronym.

These are two I caught while trying to drive:

SPONSOR: Sober Person Offering Newcomers Suggestions on Recovery

ANONYMOUS: Actions Not Our Names Yield Maintenance of  Unity and Service

I hope you enjoy him as much as I did, and if you get any of the acronyms, please share.



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