Life on life’s terms


Overwhelmed is my word of the day.

  • Making no progress getting the 99 year old driver off the road.
  • No progress in getting a cleaning person for the 99 year old.
  • No progress in getting the 99 year old to get trash pick up so he isn’t running all over town putting his garbage in other people’s dumpsters.  (They HATE that out here, it is a huge fine if you are caught.)
  • Had a third showing on our house that has been for sale for 3 years, and no offer.
  • My mother was hospitalized on Monday via ambulance in Virginia, where I just was.
  • Today she was diagnosed with full blown multiple myeloma, blood cancer.
  • Waiting, waiting, waiting for the oncologist to call, he told her at 11 am EST he would call me to discuss the diagnosis and options.
  • Can’t get any of this to stay in the God box.
  • Still waiting…..
  • Practicing patience, impatience is winning.



20 thoughts on “Life on life’s terms

  1. Oh no! It’s no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed. I hope there are others you can depend on to shoulder some of this burden. Please take care of yourself. You’re of no use to anyone else if you get stretched beyond your limits. Sending you strength and many hugs!

  2. So sorry! Everything sounds terribly overwhelming at the moment. Thinking of you…(and my mother takes her garbage to the beaches early in the am to dispose of in their cans. Argggg!!)

  3. So sorry about this, my friend. Inviting God into this is the only way it works for me. I was overwhelmed at work today (and listen, it’s nothing compared to what you’re feeling – and yet I did feel that I was going to be swallowed up, as I had a very important task and very little time), and so what I said to myself was “okay problem, I want you to meet God. He’s bigger than you. He’s gonna be with me. So if you have any problems with that, talk to Him. I’m busy”. Sounds lame, but it worked. I still had stuff to do and to haul ass, but I didn’t let that feeling of gloom and panic overtake me.

    Not sure if this helps, but regardless, I am praying for you guys.


    • This has been a tough one. It will get harder before it gets better. The only way to it is through it, right? The diagnosis is Stage III, so now the work begins. Back on the road again as soon as she is discharged. I OWN 95 this summer. 🙂

  4. Far out I feel so sorry for you, I was trying to think of something supportive to say and I can’t because there is nothing to make all of this better. In New Zealand we have a saying Kia Kaha which means stay strong. So Kia Kaha my friend and if that means you need to lean on us all for a while to achieve this for goodness sakes do it. Sending big hugs your way.

  5. sending you lots of supportive thoughts and hugs. I know there have been lots of recent advances in the treatment of myeloma… with all best wishes for your mother, you and the rest of your family xx

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