Is My Higher Power Testing Me?

That was my thought this morning as I was running. I was thinking about all of the stuff that has been happening this summer:
My husband and his 99 year old father,and the trash, the dirt, and the driving.  The fact that the hubs hasn’t set foot in his own home since 6/3.

Me and my mother, our awful relationship, and me now having to be her caretaker, decision maker, and part time therapist. Having to be brutally honest with myself and come to terms with the fact that this relationship is so toxic and damaged that I just don’t care what the outcome of all of this is.

The fact is that  I am really only here so that if and when something happens I can get up in the morning, look at myself and realize that I did the right thing, no matter how painful this is to my psyche. No matter how many body shots I have to take from her foul, bitter attitude. No matter how many drinking triggers this sets off.  No matter how many times I have to see her snot flying drunk.

Is this my higher power throwing down lighting bolts, laughing and saying, “Will she really stay off the bottle? Is she up to this life on life’s terms? Can she manage everything I am throwing down and not go get drunk?”

Maybe it is payback for being a shitty person for so long. Putting a glass of wine before everything and everyone. Maybe my metal is being tested. I don’t know.

As these questions consumed me during my run I shook off the negative thinking, and looked up. This is what I saw.

2014-08-14 11.35.24

Maybe my HP decided to shine on me for a few minutes. Whatever it is, I’ll take the strength it gave me to keep on keeping on for the rest of today.

Tomorrow, who knows. Right now I am looking down at where my feet are.


12 thoughts on “Is My Higher Power Testing Me?

  1. I truly believe your higher power wants the best for you. It’s you with the negative thinking. Ask your higher power for grace while you take care of your mother.

    • Yes, IrishGirl, it is me thinking negatively. I am trying not to, some hours and minutes are good, some I just want to choke her, or just pack my stuff and leave. It will get worse before it gets better.

  2. Thinking of you…glad you’ve had a few minutes to give us an update on things. What a completely stressful, challenging situation you are in…but it sounds like you are handling it with grace.

  3. I have a stubborn arse attitude and the more that things test me or tell me I can’t do something (stay sober) the more I dig in my feet and say Fuck You and do it. I’m hoping you have that attitude to, don’t let the bullshit take you away from what you know is right for you. Kia Kaha my friend.

  4. I like to think that life tests us, not our HP. It’s like if I were to push my boys into traffic to see how they react. Obviously I want the best for them, so I will do my best to watch out for them, as their father. But someone else might push them out there or they might run out there themselves. But I truly believe our HP wants what is best for us, and is our protector. Life, and our perception of it, is the true test 🙂

    Praying for you guys during this tough time 🙂


    • You are right Paul. I think I am just all set with all of the life testing over the last 3 months. It is said that you never get more than you can handle, but sometimes I wonder about that.
      Thanks for the prayers, I think we need them. 🙂

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