Dollar General sells beer and wine in Virginia!  So does CVS.  It is like a sneak attack, browsing through the cards, and  turn down the next aisle and BAM, WINE and BEER.  Huh?  

Where was all of this wine when I was drinking and had to drive 12 miles to the liquor store?

Oh right, I don’t live in Virginia.  This must be a very hard place to quit drinking.


12 thoughts on “WTF???

  1. I get what you mean, here in NZ the grocery stores and corner dairys’s sell beer and wine. You only need to go to a liquor store if you require spirits. It makes being an alcoholic so easy, so just add it into your weekly shop. It makes it horrible when you are trying to give up alcohol because it is always right there in your face even when you pop to the dairy to pick up a paper or something 😦

  2. there are four shops selling food in the town where I live. all of them sell wine, beer and spirits. there are some specialised food shops in the UK which don’t, like bakeries, or fishmongers. otherwise it is everywhere. supermarkets, stack em up, end of the aisle, spirits too. whereas cigarettes are supposed to be hidden behind screens so they aren’t a visual pull. sigh. inconsistent, much?

      • In NY, where my husband is, the Shinnecock Indians have cigarette alley. They sell the wholesale out of motor homes. At least they are only $8.00 a pack. As opposed to the deli where they are $12.00 a pack!
        I smoked when I was 14, they were .41 cents a pack.
        I guess if I were still drinking, I would drink at any cost, and did dollars and sense. 🙂

    • Yes, hide the cigarettes. The Dollar General is supposed to be a dollar store. Just filled with crap. I went in to get cards for my mother to send out, because they are only, wait for it…..a dollar.
      Anyway, I was just kind of shocked and amazed. Like finding it at a yard sale.

  3. California.
    Can buy anything in the drugstore or supermarket.
    There is a Whole Foods with an actual bar.
    Where was THAT in my drinking days!

    • Wow! Whole Foods with a bar. It may just be my opinion, but that really doesn’t go together, does it?
      The Dollar General thing was so weird.
      The grocery store Wegmans here has practically a whole wine store in there. They also have boxes of wines scattered in the produce section.
      It has been a bit sketchy at times, stress, illness, and wine where ever I turn. Phhhtttt!
      Still sober, white knuckles some days, but still hanging in there.

      • It’s those little “surprise” bars that get me. I’m with you…a bar in Whole Foods? Does not compute. Kinda like the one that used to be in my gym…really?

        Hang touch girl. You’ve got this.


  4. In Australia we have dedicated bottle shops or liquor shops for booze and cigarettes are now in plain packages and hidden from view.

    I was quite surprised in the US when I saw liquor in the regular supermarkets.

  5. On my local high street there is a shop selling brand name toiletries and cleaning products at bargain basement prices (its appeal for me). So you go down the aisles… shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, sanitary products, tissues, loo roll, washing up liquid, kitchen cleaner… and then wine. I had a similar reaction. WTF???

  6. A retail marijuana store just opened up 30 minutes away from me. I definitely thought “Why couldn’t this have happened a year ago?” Haha It takes awhile for that thinking to go away I think.

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