Patriots vs Broncos: Sunday, Funday Football

In case none of you have figured it out yet, I am a life-long, rabid Patriots fan.  I grew up in New England.  I loved the Patriots when they were awful, then good, and now great.

I have followed the team through all of the good, bad and ugly years.  I grew up on Patriots football, and beer.  Booze goes with football, everyone knows it.

Since we moved south, the Patriots games are not televised here every Sunday.  That didn’t keep me from drinking through all of the other Sunday NFL games that were on.  Football season, license to crack open a bottle of wine at 1 pm!

There is something special for me about a Patriots game.  It is bonding time with my son, and of course a time to have many glasses of wine.

This season I have had to watch most of the games on my computer.  Doing that just isn’t as fun as watching it in High Definition on a 55 inch television screen.  Computer viewing certainly did not trigger any alcohol cravings.

I can’t say the same for tonight’s game.

The Brady-Manning rivalry is legendary in the NFL.  I think it is mostly media hype, but it certainly does add a large dose of excitement to the game.

This afternoons game was on national television.  We actually got the game in my living room!

Along with the hype and excitement came a wave of craving for a big glass of white wine.  Football and alcohol, especially when it is a big game, just go together.

My husband had his vodka and cranberry, my son had his beer, I had my seltzer and pomegranate juice.  It just did not feel right.  It didn’t feel like football.

i can handle these cravings better now, I know that they will pass, sometimes they linger for a while, sometimes they are instantaneous. I just have to wait them out. They are uncomfortable as I am going through them, and I keep wondering when they will stop,  Everyone says they will, but as of today, I still seem to have multiple trigger points.

I got through it, and the game was awesome.  It was a fantastic Patriots win. It was a romp, and as a hardcore fan, it was great to see Peyton Manning have a terrible game, and get a beat down by Tom Brady and the Patriots.  Rob Gronkowski added to his growing legend, and Tom Brady was terrific.  My favorite player, Julian Edelman, had an 84 yard punt return for a touchdown.

Julian Edelman was a 7th round draft pick. He is only 5′ 10” tall and 198 pounds.  He was an unknown, no one could figure out what the Patriots were going to do with a small guy who had played quarterback in college. No one ever thought he would make the team.  Edelman is one of the hardest working players on the team.  He had to prove himself to everyone, and he has.

I feel the same way about my sobriety. Albeit, I am the one who thinks I am not good enough, and that I can’t stay sober.  So, in the words of Julian Edelman, there are only two things I can do; I can prove ’em right, or I can prove ’em wrong.  It is entirely up to me.



17 thoughts on “Patriots vs Broncos: Sunday, Funday Football

  1. Oh man, as a Pats lifer also I completely relate to this!
    (And that Edelman return for the TD was amazing!)

  2. After 450some days I still have similar cravings to specific events, I think that may be our lot in life for the duration. The awesome thing is that we choose to ride the wave until it passes. As someone who lived in Pittsburgh during the Bradshaw, Franco Harris days I appreciate good football. Too bad I can’t say that about our Hometown team now, pathetic, pitiful Bears.

    • You can still be a Steelers fan, why not. I live in Tennessee and wear my Red Sox and Patriots gear every where! Riding the wave is the important thing. It washes in, it washes back out. 🙂

  3. I loved this post for SOOOO many reasons! First – to see your smiling face on your new format just made me smile!

    Next – I am also a rabid football fan. I bleed burgundy and gold for my Washington Redskins. I have followed all of the ups and downs (mostly downs lately) and will always, always feel this way about them.

    When we moved south I also lost the opportunity to watch my team in my living room – but then I discovered DirectTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. Once my husband saw how important watching the game was to me we decided it was worth the investment and now, every single game is watched in the comfort of my living room…and I’m a lot less homesick these days. Ahhhhhh……

    I completely understand the triggers and cravings and yes, like everyone says, it does get easier and they get few and farther between. But it still sucks. I remember feeling deprived of a good time because I couldn’t enjoy the game “like the normies”. I mean, how could I possibly be expected to have a good time without a big glass of Chardonnay sitting next to me?

    What I forgot was that, when I was drinking, it was more about the drinking than it was about the game. I failed to remember that, by the end of the night, I couldn’t remember who won the damn game much less how good it was.

    Now I am analyzing each play and second guessing the coaching staff like any good armchair quarterback. I’m learning more and more about the techinicalities of each position and, in spite of quarterback issues, watching my team bringing it down to the last whistle more and more often. And I’m loving every single minute.

    I can’t say for sure but I’d guess that next football season will be much easier to handle than this one has been…and the one after that will be a cake walk.

    Go Skins!


    • You are so right about not remembering the game. How dumb huh? I used to have to Google the score the next day. We had Dish, I am sure there is a Football Ticket thing, but I don’t mind watching on my computer.
      Redskins fan huh? What is going on with the quarterback drama? You would think the were a bunch of girls, and I mean that in the nicest way! 🙂
      I decided to come out of hiding. I am reading Kristen Johnston’s book, GUTS, and it has inspired me. I don’t need to hide behind a Gravatar and a nickname. I am who I am, warts and all.
      As always Sherry, I love your comments. And you are right, next year I probably won’t even blink an eye at the “tailgating”

  4. Wowza. I love that video, for, uh, multiple reasons.
    Gonna stick that on the motivation page–thanks girl!
    Agree with Sherry…was so happy to see your smiling face on your avatar.
    How’d you like Kristen’s book? She’s a badass, isn’t she?

    • Love the Minitron, Julian Edelman. He truly is inspiring. I’ll bet he doesn’t drink much. 🙂

      I am loving the book. I haven’t read the last two nights, I have been zoning out with computer movies, and television. Somehow I have gotten into The Mindy Project and have fallen down a rabbit hole.

      • I’ve been binge-watching AMC’s Hell On Wheels this week. Still have like 28 Grey’s Anatomy episodes to watch too, and 6 Good Wife shows. Sometimes it’s nice to zone out.

        Edelman is probably healthier than you and I combined, lol. Hadn’t seen him out of uniform before. He is certainly in fine form. 🙂

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