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Week three of our stay-cation began on Monday.  I would love to report that it has gotten better, but it hasn’t.  I am still feeling like a fish out of water.  I am nothing without a To Do List.

Right now being sober is not the hardest thing I am working on, it is trying to find serenity, peace and happiness in day to day life without my adored schedule.

I have meditated.  Mediocre results.  I am one of those people whose brain is a whirling dervish.  It goes constantly.  During meditation, I have to grab it and bring it back to the quite room we are sitting in.  I will give my meditation a C-.

Running.  As most of you know this is my go to.  I have been going most every day.  I have been going farther as there is much to explore, and new sites to see.  On Sunday I ran to a beach market.  I saw something that I would have loved to purchase, but it was made of cement.  I would have had to run 2.5 miles back to the condo with it, so I did not buy it. I went to a Thrift Store on one run.(I never carry money as running clothes, for some stupid reason, have no pockets.)  I have taken many photos for my Mom.  I do a Facebook post for her on each day that I run..  I call it “As seen on today’s run”.  She loves it, and it makes me feel connected to her.  It is fun to run down new streets and find funny little things to take pictures of.  I finish each run on the beach which is awesome. I seem to always end up stopping to pick up anything of interest that I may spot as I am whizzing by.  Shells are far lighter and easier to carry than cement.   I just wish I could make my runs last all day, then there would not be so many empty hours to fill.  I do have had a slight injury, illiac apophysitis, which has made running every day impossible.  I am stretching and icing so that I can get the most out of this old body.   I would give my running an A.  I give it a B on the days that the hip is acting up.

Yoga.  This one has been a failure of epic proportions.  I have spent time Goggling yoga classes, driving by the recreation center where the Yoga class is held, planning to go to Yoga, driving to Yoga, looking at people going into Yoga, and driving away again.  Yup, that is where I went with the Yoga, no where. I have to say that IF I had the burning desire to do Yoga, I know I would have actually gotten out of the car and gone into the building. I have decided, after calling myself all kinds of names, that IF I want to practice Yoga, I will start on YouTube.  That is a no commitment commitment.  Yoga gets a big, fat, red marker, lower my self esteem grade of F.

AA meetings.  I have been going on Monday night.  The group is small, and the attendees are older.  A lot of long term sobriety in the room.  I am not sure I like it, but there is a new guy, fresh out of rehab that I find interesting.  He has yet to speak, so he keeps me going back to that meeting.  I have met very nice people, and gotten some recommendations for other meetings in the area.  I can tell you right now, that a lot of Goggling, plotting, and doing drive byes will accompany any type of change in this.  ( See Yoga, anyone see a pattern here?)  I am giving myself a B on getting to meetings, a C on my choice of meeting, and a D for my fascination with the new guy.

Gilmore Girls.  I am on Season 3, when we got here I was on Season 2.  So, I either give that an A for perseverance or an F for colossal waste of time, depending on the hour of the day.

I will close with a few “As seen on my run” photos, just to show you all that I actually am getting out of bed each day. 2014-12-08 10.43.47 2014-12-08 10.49.55 2014-12-08 10.54.08 2014-12-08 11.04.38 2014-12-11 11.41.36 2014-12-12 10.38.39



  1. Hahahaha I love your attempt at Yoga, just beautiful, it cracked me up. I to find myself drawn to the Gilmore Girls when it is on. I have no idea why but I do 🙂 How much longer do you have to go on this holiday?

  2. Meditation isn’t something to grade! My mind wanders constantly when I meditate. The key is to catch it wandering and bring it back, even if only for a moment. If you are even realizing your mind is wandering, you’re doing it RIGHT!

      • Yes, at least! Even the most enlightened meditators can not stop the thoughts from coming. Meditation is about coming into the present- so each time you become aware of your thinking- and respond to it without judgment- you are reaching the goal 🙂
        I find it helps me to bring my mind back to the breath. Or sometimes, I meditate on an idea… I focus on a mantra, just a word or phrase. Or I light a candle and focus on that too sometimes. I like to experiment with different styles. Have fun with it! xo

  3. can you say where you are in Florida?
    because i have a sweet friend who lives there and if you’re anywhere close you could meet and hit an AA meeting together.
    let me know

    and yoga and meditation are hand in hand for me….I meditate in yoga! Just as i know many run in meditation…try that!

  4. I think i will push you to try yoga once more. I bet you could seriously improved your injury with it. Look for restorative or yin yoga. Or try it online! There are tons of classes!

    It sounds like your daily explorations have been fun. How about planning some longer day trips that you drive to? I bet there are some interesting historic places around.

    I look forward to hear more!

    • If you could offer up a YouTube page or two, I am more than willing to give it a try. Clearly it isn’t the Yoga that is the issue, it is the people thing. I have a huge problem with insecurity and walking into new things. It took me 3 months to get up the nerve to walk into AA, I am quite pathetic for a 50+ year old woman, That said, I do own it all!

  5. hey, this made me laugh but in that twisted rueful recognition way…

    would it be presumption in me to suggest that you are carrying a lot of cement with you on a daily basis as it is? the processing you are dealing with every day takes so much emotional energy already so it’s not astonishing that you can’t make leaps into new worlds of serenity via yoga and meditation which in themselves require that input… Glad you are running and finding those images on your runs to share. And I hope you find some holiday people to supplement the Gilmore Girls! Have a big cyber hug from me, yes? Xxx

  6. You are very smart Prim. I drag my bags of cement with me from place to place. I am a work in progress. That is why I actually got dressed and DROVE to yoga today.
    Baby steps but steps nonetheless.
    Hugs to you too 😁

  7. Love the running selfie (or “runfie” as they say) there! Awesome!

    I know that none of the clothes have pockets – guess they don’t want us carrying anything. Often the pockets they do have can carry a house key and a folded bill (which would get wet anyway from sweat) and that’s about it. So i have some of those waist bands that have a stretchy pocket so i can carry credit card, phone, house key, change (wrapped in foil so it doesn’t jingle),etc.

    The yoga thing was funny too. I tried it several times…just not my thing right now. My wife keeps pestering me to go (she claims it will help my running).

    Anyway, don’t be hard on yourself…no grades in life 😉


    • I actually stuck a couple of bucks in the teeny tiny pocket at the back of my shorts today. I ran to the the Thrift Store and bought a Christmas decoration, we have none here. It is a glass candle holder. It was a challenge to run back with it. I did get it here in one piece. It would have been terrible if I had broken the .50 cent item.
      I did get a shoe tag with my name and emergency phone numbers on it. I had a VERY close call with a USPS truck last month, and thought it would be nice if the EMT’s knew who I was. Road ID. I haven’t tried running with anything around my waist.
      No grades in life, love it.

  8. Love your posts — thanks for all that you’re sharing.

    Not sure if Sarasota is close to you but you could try a SMART recovery meeting. The meetings I’ve attended (not in Fla though) are pretty low key.

    Also, not sure what the volunteer opptys are down there I think if I had time on my hands I would love to do something with Meals on Wheels. Maybe a library? Calling Bingo at a retirement community? I would imagine a nonprofit that needs bodies would be thrilled to have someone with your energy. Try on something you’ve always thought about!

    • Very near Sarasota. I have Goggled the Smart meetings and there is one on Friday. I have emailed the moderator, and it is an open discussion, so I am welcome to go, I am going to go. Not like going to Yoga, but I REALLY am going. I am very interested in this and they have no meetings near me in Tennessee.
      Volunteering short term doesn’t really work well.

  9. Why can’t you have a to do list on vacation? If, like me, it calms you to write things down (sometimes just so I can cross them off) then that is what you should do! It’s your vacation after all!!!

    1. Get out of bed and go for a run.
    2. Do a yoga drive by.
    3. Stop for coffee at Starbucks.
    4. Surf Facebook on my phone while relaxing at Starbucks.
    5. Watch 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls (loved that show)
    6. Eat lunch.
    7. Meditate and watch my crazy thoughts go by like a yoga drive by.
    8. Read Sherry’s blog and make incredibly insightful comments.
    9. Write a brilliant blog post to make Sherry’s day complete.

    That should do for now.


  10. Love the photos! There’s one of those dolphin mailboxes on my usual running route at the beach we go to every summer. I always get a kick out of seeing it.

    You’re a tough grader. I’d give you A’s in all subjects. Maybe a B in yoga until you slip into class. I’ve been to beginner’s classes and they are very relaxed and designed to meet you wherever you are.

    It all sounds very interesting. I like that you keep going back to the meeting that has the newcomer. Thanks for the update.

    • Thanks. Those are my phone photos. I have also been trying to learn how to use the really nice camera. Watching YouTube videos about F stops, and apertures. Those photos are quite nice. I will post some.
      The mailboxes seem to be the running photos, they are quite incredible around here.
      I am going to do a couple of YouTube beginner yoga “classes: first, to see how I like it.
      Thanks for the A’s, a B in Yoga is very generous.

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