I found this great speech this morning.  I listened to it on my run.  I need to listen to it again to really get it.

When I get it, I think it will help with my “stay-cation”.

Sandy B is amazing.



  1. I adote Sandy B!
    He just recently died, but “drop the rock” led to an amazing book of the same name that is a wonder while working sets 6 and 7. friend lives very far away from where you are..sorry! But just keep going to those meetings, hopefully you’ll soon meet a friend.

    • I love the “drop the rock” speech. I did not know about the book. I will have to look into it. I am still struggling through 6 & 7, letting go, letting God, as I understand him.
      This was a great talk, I am going to listen to it again tomorrow.
      Too bad about your friend. Thanks for trying.

      • oh my goodness!
        Drop the Rock is an amazing book…..SO helpful with 6 and 7!!
        please get it, you will be glad you did, especially if you’re struggling.


      • i think your posts can’t possibly reflect your amazing ability to work throughout those struggles and come out the other side..

        nothing adequate about you sister!

    • I listened to a great speaker the other day. I think it was Paul O. A psychiatrist with a wife named Max. Very insightful and very funny. He talked about using the terminology “carry the message” and where it came from.
      Of course I immediately thought of you. I had not made the connection. As i thought about the phrase I realized how well it fits you and all you do for the recovery community.
      Did you have any idea how apropos it would be when you selected it?

  2. you were the one who first introduced me to Sandy Beach – and I remember listening to this talk back in the summer and finding it immensely helpful so glad you’ve found it now! what a gift he had, as Paul says.

    by the way did you see Sandy Beach’s obituary? entirely fitting that he actually left us at an AA meeting – this article here:

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