Mished Up wrote a great blog about choosing a Word of the Year. Her premise is instead of making some inane resolution that will inevitably end up in failure, choose a WORD to define your year instead.  I am not a New Year’s resolution kind of gal, so I decided to jump on the WORD OF THE YEAR, bandwagon.

I have been struggling a lot this year with a variety of things.  It seems like 2014 really had it out for me.  I decided to get sober. My son moved home after graduating from college, was unemployed, then under- employed.  My husband was not happy about the living arrangement, nor was I, but to a lesser degree. My father in law turned 99, and because he is still living alone, we spent many months this past summer living with him trying to get him assistance and get him to stop driving,  Then my mother received the double terminal cancer diagnosis.  Things can only get better in 2015, right?

I have rarely been home over the last 6 months, which has been difficult on me mentally.  I am a control freak who loves routine,a To Do list and being home is my biggest comfort zone.

We then decided to take a stay-cation, which has really thrown me for a loop.

To counteract the mental torture I have been putting myself through, I started listening to podcast’s while running.  I have listened to many from Klen + Sobr, starting with Paul from Message in a Bottle.  I then went through the whole 12 episodes of Serial, which was fantastic.  Then I fell back on my old stand by, AA speakers from the YouTube page Odomtology.  My all time favorite speaker is Sandy B.  His speech “Practicing the Presence of Now”, has really has spoken to me, most especially the segment below.

” We are already all that we can become.  We just have to see it.  We just have to uncover it.

Here is a story about the past the present and the future.  They got together one day, and said you know we are always in conflict.  We are always tugging at one another.  Why don’t we hold a meeting, sort of like a peace counsel and we’ll see if we can come up with some kind of compromise, and they all agreed.  And then they pointed upstairs and they said you know that meeting room upstairs is an historic room, a lot of important historical events take place in that room, why don’t we use that room, and they all said “Yeah”. 

So, the only thing left was the time of the meeting, and the past said, I think we should hold the meeting two years ago, we are all familiar with that.  It won’t be frightening, we know exactly what it is.  I think the safest thing, where we will be the most comfortable will be to go back two years ago. 

And the future said, “That would be boring, we already know what that is, I think we should hold it two years from now we don’t have a clue what that would be, it would be a big adventure. It would be very exciting, it will be dangerous, it will be really something.” 

And the Now said, “Well you guys both make a great case. But, If we did go back two years ago, when we got there it will be NOW.  And if we went ahead two years, when we got there it would be NOW, so I think we ought to do NOW.

And the other two couldn’t find a flaw in this argument, and they grumblingly agreed to go sit around the table.  And observers pointed out that as they took their seats, there was only one left, and that was the NOW and the room got very bright with light due to the absence of the other two players.



 I have chosen my word of the year to be NOW.  I am going to spend my year working very hard to stay in the NOW, keep my thoughts in the NOW, and live in the NOW.

As an aside, MY SON GOT A JOB!!!!  Thank you to everyone who may have said a little prayer for him.  He starts on 1/19, in Joliet, Illinois.  (I wanted him to move out, but not THAT far away.)  I am so happy that he will finally begin his life.  I have prayed to my HP, The Universe, Mother Nature and God, (wanted to cover all the possibilities) every night since the interview.  I don’t know if it is prayer, the planetary alignment or the winter solstice, but I am so happy for him and his new adventure.

My father-in-law just called, his doctor took his license away.  He is NOT happy, but boy we are!

Lastly,I did make a New Year’s resolution, it is to buy NO new shoes, aside from running shoes, and two pairs of flip flops for the summer, for the whole year of 2015.  I brought 19 pairs of shoes on this vacation, and bought a pair last Saturday.  I have 10 more pair to wear if I am to wear every pair I brought.  The 19 pairs are just a small sampling of my “summer” shoes.  I won’t even go into how many pairs of boots I have.  (I clearly have a problem, I am willing to admit to being powerless over shoes and purses.)


Happy New Year to you all, and stay sober my friends!


23 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW WORD OF THE YEAR!!!

  1. OMG those shoes!!!!
    yea, a resolution might be a good idea about that!
    but NOW will work…..go into the closet and say, what can i wear NOW? LOL…

    I LOVE your word. It’s perfect. NOW is the cornerstone for sobriety, right? If we stay in the now we can clearly see that all is well and as it should be…not borrowing pain or joy from the past or future.

    And Sandy B….love him. Have you listened to “Drop The Rock”? My all time favorite, really helped me get through (and continually work on) step 6 and 7.

    Happy new Year sweetie….it will most likely not be an easy one, but you know you have support here and in real life..lean on us all.
    And stay in the NOW

    • Thanks Mish. Those shoes are internet shoes, I swear I have more. I have two large plastic bins. Winter and summer, then a flat under the bed box of flat sandals and flip flops. Not to mention the old running shoes that I keep for working in the yard.
      Don;t get me started on the purse bin, which unfortunately the hubs stuck his face in right before we came here. I have been hearing about it since, “What do you need all those purses for?” Men….
      Happy New Year!

    • I would guess bikes are more expensive than my running shoes. Glad to hear other people have “issues” also.
      Still haven’t gotten used to the job news, I keep thinking it is going to go away.
      Happy New Year!

  2. Now is a great choice. Especially for a type a, get things done, planner.
    Bringing yourself back to the present will be powerful.

    I’m happy for your son. What a nice way to start the year.

    As dor the shoes…hmmm. I think you have enough. Lol


    • I took the book out of the library and got half way through, My mind was wandering, I wasn’t staying in the NOW. I will have to try it again.
      Much happiness to you too, 2015 has got to be better than 2014.

  3. Hey SL, congrats to your son on getting the job!
    And I love your word… my word of the year is PRESENT so it’s pretty much the same thing, right?? Cool! Happy New Year!! xo

  4. Maggie, I thank you for all the help you have given me. It all started with “keep your head where your feet are” in August when I was a mess about being in Virginia.
    You are not stealing anything. We all need The Power of Now, right?

  5. Love the word! I have jumped on that bandwagon and have to post my new word. But I dig this one a LOT. I love Sandy B and I remember that story. All his works are fantastic.

    Thanks for the shout out on the K&S podcast – it was fun. Might do another one 😉

    I am re-reading the Power of Now as well. I never fully got through it the last time. Too distracted! But I am finding myself a little bit more relaxed this time and taking more in.

    I can’t wait to hear more about how you weave this into your life.

    Blessings and hugs

  6. Excellent word.

    So happy for your son! Mine is waiting to hear so a small prayer to the HR gods on his behalf would be appreciated. 😉

    I get what you’re saying about the shoes. I have committed to not spending any money on myself this year except for necessities (makeup, skin care, underwear, etc). The only problem is that I’ve also committed to losing 54 pounds this year. My local tailor may have to get creative with my clothes. Lol.

    Happy New Year!!!


  7. That is a serious amount of shoes….so happy for your son. I got my start in the 90’s and the economy was so good a drunk like me could start a career sleep walking. You sound like you made with peace with 2014 in this post, following you it seemed like it was a hard year (with external events outside of your control). I didn’t have any difficult life stuff this year (well the death of a favorite aunt the first month), just getting sober so I hope I can be tough when heavy things happen to me like they did with you this year.

  8. came across this Lao Tzu quote yesterday and love it as it links your word of ‘now’ and my word of ‘peace’…

    ‘If you are depressed, you are living in the past.
    If you are anxious, you are living in the future.
    If you are at peace you are living in the present.’

    I have spent so much time living anywhere but in the present, in the now. I’m hoping to spend much more time there this year…wanna share?! xx

  9. Thanks so much for mentioning KLĒN + SŌBR and the Since Right Now Podcast. It probably goes without saying that we’re big fans of the word, “Now.” 😉

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